Why adopt TROOV ?


Satisfy your customers

Return 3 to 5 times more items to your visitors with an average satisfaction rate of 4.9 / 5


Support an anti-waste tool

An object returned it counts double in terms of waste (no destruction, no redemption)


Promote the work of your teams

Significant time savings for employees and a task they enjoy doing

Troov is the reference platform for lost and found objects

We offer a turnkey solution to satisfy your customers who lose an object and save your teams time

1000+ secure places


Matching algorithm

Automatic & intelligent identification of correspondence in your database


Professional tools

Automatic creation of transfer slips & certificates, delivery, inventory management with QR codes…


Automated communication

Receipt of customer reports directly in the software, automated mailing for customers



Private database, authentication with question / answer and electronic signature at the end of the process

Satisfied customers

«Customers are delighted with this solution and they tell us every day on our social networks»​

Charlie Prat, Director of CNIT

«Going from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age thanks to digital with Troov»​

Wilfrid Bonillo, Safety Director Auchan Bordeaux Lac

They have adopted TROOV

We adapt to all places
An airport
A shopping center
A museum
A cinema
A convention center
A place open to the public
A community
An amusement park
A planet

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