Why adopt TROOV ?


Satisfy your customers

Return 3 to 5 times more items to your visitors with an average satisfaction rate of 4.9 / 5


Support an anti-waste tool

An object returned it counts double in terms of waste (no destruction, no redemption)


Promote the work of your teams

Significant time savings for employees and a task they enjoy doing

Troov is an efficient lost and found items software

We offer a turnkey solution to satisfy your customers who lose an object and save your teams time

1000+ secure places


Matching algorithm

Automatic & intelligent identification of correspondence in your database


Professional tools

Automatic creation of transfer slips & certificates, delivery, inventory management with QR codes…


Automated communication

Receipt of customer reports directly in the software, automated mailing for customers



Private database, authentication with question / answer and electronic signature at the end of the process

Satisfied customers

«Customers are delighted with this solution and they tell us every day on our social networks»

Charlie Prat, Director of CNIT

«Going from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age thanks to digital with Troov»

Wilfrid Bonillo, Safety Director Auchan Bordeaux Lac

They have adopted TROOV

We adapt to all places
An airport
A shopping center
A museum
A cinema
A convention center
A place open to the public
A community
An amusement park
A planet

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