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TROOV is the digital solution used by public places and professionals (towns, shopping centers, airports, restaurants,…) to :​​

Report found items

Allow visitors to report lost items in a few clics​​

Troov register all lost & found claims but the items always stay where they have been found​

How it works ?​​

It all starts with a claim…​
  • Visitors report their lost item with a form available here​​
  • Professionals check the lost reports and add found reports in their places​
Troov’s Super Algorithm takes over…
  • If there is a match into the database between one found and one lost item, a maaaatch will happen and you will be warned​​
  • If not, be patient: it can take time before some items are found​​
  • Unfortunately, sometimes items remain unfound​​
WoW you just got « A MATCH »​
  • You are asked to provide a question and an answer giving an information about the item that allow to proof your ownership without doubt.​
  • ​As soon as the given question allows to check your ownership, you will receive all the information about the way your item can be recovered on site​​
  • If the authentication question is inconclusive, the match is cancelled and you will go back to the previous step​
If you are the happy owner of a found item, the place will send you the information to recover your item:
  • Pick up restitution to the place (free or paid service depending of the place) following the given information in the match​​
  • Some places can deliver the item where you want (paid service): you can easily manage the delivery through our interface with our partner Tripperty​​

Which places are already working with Troov?​

Search by place/address: ​​​


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You have more questions ?

Check Troov’s FAQ

For any question whose answer is not below, please send us an email to : [email protected]